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Connecting Lives

Airtime & Data Peer-to-Peer Transfer Platform for Mobile Operators Worldwide

Our proprietary airtime sharing platform has helped over 20 million users to share mobile credits and stay connected.

Our business origins were rooted in identifying the needs of the community we serve, and implementing ingenuity in the solutions we provide. Committed to help rural Malaysians to stay connected, in 2004, we introduced the first peer-to-peer sharing platform, using propriety "Airtime Sharing" as trading commodity.

The demand for our Airtime Sharing Platform was quickly recognised by our strategic partner, Celcom Axiata Berhad, and in 2005, we have commercially launched Celcom Credit Share services, serving our partner until today.


Our latest efforts in value-adding our services involve the development of Celcom Credit Share Chatbot, an early-stage centralised platform to deliver mobile credit sharing services via WhatsApp. The chatbot service enable customers to request and transfer their airtime credits using WhatsApp messaging app.

Why Airtime Sharing?

Malaysia has over 30 million prepaid mobile card users generating an estimated average revenue per user (ARPU) of RM 34 per month. When a prepaid mobile card user runs out of airtime credit, they stop using telco services and risk becoming an inactive user. Increasing number of inactive users means decreasing number of telco’s ARPU.


Our Airtime Sharing Platform is a B2B2C software service for the mobile telecommunication industry that allows mobile subscribers to request and transfer airtime credits to other prepaid subscribers. 

Our Sharing Platform offer multiple channels to request and transfer airtime credit :

  • WEB - Desktop & Mobile web version where customers can sign-in in multiple devices to access the service.

  • SMS & UMB - Fast access to the service via SMS short-code or dial USSD code which compatible with all phone types both featured & smartphones.

  • Mobile Apps  - Smartphones friendly to access all service features in one click of a button which

  • IVR - Interactive voice response system where customer can call and follow step by step voice instructions to use the service. 

Platform Features

Chatbot features_icons-01.png

24/7 Virtual Assistant

Automated virtual sales assistant provides personalized shopping experience to your customers, on time, all the time.

Chatbot features_icons-04.png

Retargeting of Ads

Touch base with users who have chatted with your bot before, and send them personalised offers to convert them into customers.

Chatbot features_icons-02.png

Multilingual AI

iRep Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine understands multiple languages including English, Malay, and more.

Chatbot features_icons-05.png

Contextual Memory

iREP’s memory retention technology consists of learning abilities enabling the bot to memorise new questions and respond to it.

Chatbot features_icons-03.png

Human Escalation

Connect with live sales agents to resolve unanswered or difficult questions addressing all customer complaints.

Chatbot features_icons-06.png

Reduce Cart Abandon

Reduce cart abandonment by re-engaging with shoppers abandoning their carts. Nudge customers through triggered chat.

Initiate Transfer Via Chatbot


You were that close to a sale but perhaps there are insufficient information to close the deal. iREP is trained to probe the issue, resolve the obstacle and incentivise the client to complete the sale.

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